Vasopneumatic Compression

Vasopneumatic compression therapy (also known as Normatec Recovery or Unix Air Compression) is used to reduce swelling and inflammation in extremities following injuries, strenuous exercise, or even surgeries.  We typically employ this treatment modality to help our patients recover faster from a hard workout or sports event.  Our unique lower extremity system involves air compression being pumped around the legs in a systematic fashion then being released.  This repetitive compression, hold, and relaxation helps to increase circulation and remove inflammation or lactic acid from the legs, aiding recovery.  We have helped various athletes recover from rigorous training, including Ironman Triathletes, long distance runners, CrossFit athletes, football players, soccer players, and more. Vasopneumatic compression therapy is now part of the athletic training facilities of many professional sports teams and we are proud to offer it in our facility at Optimum Care Therapy!

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