Pregnancy Support

Pain during pregnancy is very common during all stages.  The mother's body goes through many changes during the new baby's development to get ready for the delivery process.  Some of those changes can cause different pain symptoms, from low back pain, sciatica, muscle tightness, neck and shoulder pain, even numbness and tingling in extremities.  Dr. Uy has worked with numerous pregnant women to help alleviate these symptoms.  His support techniques for pregnancy includes chiropractic manipulation (adjustments), massage, kinesio-taping, as well as vasopneumatic compression.

Pregnancy Chiropractic techniques are beneficial to help align the spine and pelvis, decreasing pain during pregnancy and also allowing an easier labor process during delivery. Sciatic symptoms due to pelvic misalignment is one of the main reasons pregnant moms initially seek chiropractic care.  Additionally, the baby's added weight in the abdominal area can decrease postural stability, creating neck and low back pain.  Adjustments will help improve the alignment of the entire spine, improving posture and decreasing pain.

Massage is used to help get tight muscles loosened and help decrease any muscle tension that can cause additional pressure on nerves that leads to numbness and tingling in the extremities.  Tight or fatigued muscles can also make moving more difficult and create a general stressful feeling.  Manual muscle therapies help get muscles balanced and can additionally reduce some of the physical symptoms of stress.  

Kinesio-tape (also known as k-tape, KT-Tape, or RockTape) has been widely used in sports medicine for a number of ailments.  Having a strong background in sports medicine, Dr. Uy also employed the use of kinesio-tape to help all of his athletes.  He developed his pregnancy taping technique for pregnant mothers from working with a number of pregnant athletes and the new pain and fatigue they found after the additional abdominal area weight gain and laxity in ligaments.  The K-taping method employed helps to support the baby's weight, improve the mother's posture, and can even help decrease swelling in the legs.

Swelling in the legs is also a common condition during pregnancy.  We end our treatment by helping to improve circulation in the lower extremities by using our vasopneumatic compression "air massage" on the legs.  Our vasopneumatic compression units gently massage and compress the legs in segments, helping to push the fluids out of the legs and back to the body.  This can help improve circulation and decrease swollen legs common in pregnancy. 

Our Pregnancy Support program is great for Pre and Post delivery!

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